Hey! I'm currently exploring new domains in climate tech.
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Ahnaaf Khan

Mechatronics Engineering Student & Climate-tech Developer

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As a builder.

I’m an 18 y/o self-taught climate-tech developer, project manager, & graphic designer. Currently, I'm figuring out what's next for me in carbon capture as I study Mechatronics Engineering at Queen's University.

Stack: Figma, ReactJS, Python, DaVinci Resolve, Brain-Computer Interfaces.
Learning: NextJs, Solidity, PyTorch.

Past experiences:
  • Co-Founder @ NeuraDAO
  • R&D Intern @ Muse
  • PM @ Apollo
  • Spoke @ Collision, ETHAmsterdam
  • Alumni @ TKS Activate

As a human.

In this stage of my life, I'm exploring the world of tech, while writing & tweeting about my journey.

I learned a lot throughout TKS about social entrepreneurship, problem-solving, and emerging tech. Now I'm currently learning about how much I don't know.

Currently reading Thiel, Harari, Naval, Chamath, Clear, and Gates, while listening to Huberman, Parrish, Kanye (his music only), Fridman, and Astro Teller.

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