Playing League of Legends With BCIs 2020


This was my second Brain-Computer Interface project that I built when I was 15. The content is both nostalgic, and nearly embarrassing as I look back on it. I hope you enjoy.

This is a neurofeedback program which asseses my relaxation using my EEG while playing League of Legends and pings me when I'm too tense. This was one of the more enjoyable projects that I built, it had no functional utility, only comedic relief.

  • Youtubehttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ii9A0FS8JIs
  • Articlehttps://ahnaafk.medium.com/creating-a-neurofeedback-program-with-python-c6153022a4e7
  • GitHubhttps://github.com/ahnaafk/neurofeedback
  • StackBrainflow, Python, OpenBCI-Ganglion, League of Legends